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About Us

When my third daughter was born so was Tre Sorelle Photography (“three sisters” in Italian).

Filled with an artistic flair and overflowing sentiment for life’s wonderful details, I originally started interpreting fantastic bits of every day happenings through painting. When I became a mom and time available to spend on these projects became increasingly scarce, I evolved into photography to preserve both my creative outlet and time itself. I fell in love with capturing and savoring every phase in my daughters’ lives—every new hairstyle, every changing mood, every favorite outfit. I am proud and thrilled that someday my girls will be able to look at the collection I've created and understand their life journey and just how deeply they were adored.

My hope is to provide the same gift to you and your beautiful children—to capture moments of love and life—to tell your story. I do understand how stressful it can be to take and make great portraits of family. I consider my family sessions “play dates”—and we just have a picture party and let everyone be who they will be.

Through my innate silliness and love of what I do, I create a comfortable and creative environment for every person in your family from not-totally-excited-to-be-here Dad to stressed-out mom to wiggly-giggly-cranky kiddos. In my sessions, I take out the “formal” and put in the “flexible.” I am known to join in on the action of rolling in the grass, twirling pretty skirts, battling superheroes, and even changing baby’s diaper so mom can focus on her beautiful self. Making sure mom feels good and shines through in each picture is a focus very near and dear to my heart. As moms we slowly start to fade from the foreground as we spend most of the time behind the camera ourselves. The personality and beauty of each member of your family will radiate in your photographs—even mom!—this is my promise.

Give me a call if you would like to talk about a vision for your family’s next picture party. Please schedule early so we may offer you the best possible options that work with your family.

I hope to meet you and yours soon, and continue working with you for years to come, there is nothing better than getting to see your family grow and change over the years!

Talk to you soon,